I love agedashi tofu! It is one of my favourite ways to eat tofu... If it wasn't for the deep-frying we could eat tofu this way much more often!
But how do they fry soft tofu??? without it falling apart!!!... well the secret... is to weight or press the tofu first.

Buy some fresh Japanese tofu from your local Asian grocery (you know the one... it says "Japanese Tofu" on it... comes in a white plastic tub with thin plastic over the top). Make sure the tofu is fresh - check the expiry date and make sure you pick the one with the longest expiry date - it just tastes better!

Now... you can use either paper towels (make sure they don't fluff though), or your kitchen hand towels.. but be prepared to go through a few! Line a flat based dish with a couple of layers of towel. Drain the water from the tofu and place it carefully on the towels. Next place more towels on top, and then a reasonably heavy dish (flat botttom again) on top.

Essentially you should now have - dish - towel- tofu - towel - heavy dish. Now... leave it alone for an hour or so. When you come back to check the towels will be soaking... replace them and repeat the process.

You could do this over and over... but it's usually enough to do it twice. Your tofu is almost ready for frying!

The best coating for the tofu is cornflour. Chop the tofu up into one inch cubes and coat in corn flour. Because the tofu is still slightly moist it will easily coat in the cornflour. If you want to add some flavour... mix some freshly ground salt and pepper into the cornflour prior to coating. Two coatings of cornflour is plenty.

Then heat up your deepfryer and fry each cube until golden brown. Serve immediately!.. remember Agedashi tofu always goes gooey when you leave it sitting there!

Ofcourse to make this real agedashi tofu... you need to sprinkle some freshly sliced spring onion over the top, and maybe some pickled ginger and serve with a broth made of dashi, soy sauce and mirin. Voila.... wasn't so hard was it?!