You might think that it is difficult to have your food choices reduced... but really it just depends on how you look at it!

Most restaurants will have a couple of vegetarian options, well-hidden amongst a list of very meat-biased dishes. As a vegetarian, you end up trying all sorts of dishes that you wouldn't otherwise... simply because it's the only vegetarian dish on the menu. I doubt there are many vegetables I haven't tried! I am so used to this scenario, that I feel overwhelmed by the choice when there is a whole separate vegetarian menu.

It's true that there is a whole section of the supermarket that you avoid... but there are other sections that you explore much more thoroughly than you would have as an omnivore. You get a chance to be inventive - to remake your favourite recipes into meatless variations. To experiment with various combinations of vegetarian ingredients, to attempt to reformulate traditional recipes, and invent meat replacements.

There's nothing disgusting about veggies. I love the fact that I can eat everything on my plate... there are no bones to pick out, no skin to remove... if it's on your plate it's usually edible.

Writing the recipes on this website is showing me how many "favourite dishes" I have. Until I had started trying to write them all out... I didn't really realise how many recipes I regard as everyday recipes. Most of the recipes on here are not written down anywhere else. So don't let anyone tell you that being vegetarian is boring... hopefully by the time I've finished there will be enough recipes on here to try a different one each day of the year.