Dessert is always about rich and sweet... it's often high in sugar and high in fat and therefore best eaten in small quantities.
For most vegetarians it's the best part of the menu at any restaurant, as we can eat almost all the sweets on offer :-)

But what if you can't eat egg?

When you cook and bake at home there are many ways to make your favourite desserts without egg. My favourite egg-replacement is besam (chickpea) flour. Use a tablespoon of flour mixed with a tablespoon of water as an equivalent to one egg for most cake recipes.
Other egg replacements include the commercial egg replacements which you can buy at most supermarkets (though I don't really like the taste of most); pureed soft tofu; mashed banana; strained goo from simmered flax seeds; and agar.

It's important to use the replacement that will work for the recipe. For example, for baking I use besam flour or mashed banana; for custard-like desserts some cornflour and agar; for scrambled eggs use soft tofu. You have to play with the possibilities and figure out what works to recreate your favourite recipes.

My most recent win has been a recreation of creme caramel using agar powder - see the Desserts page for the recipe.