Of course being healthy is not all about food!

I have started exercising again... that is... exercising on purpose to try and improve my fitness.

I've been following exercises from this website: http://www.bodyrock.tv/   --i've started with exercises from 2009.
Following this for 2 weeks now, and exercising every second day... that means about 20 minutes of exercise every second day. I'm already feeling fitter. I tried sprinting across our local oval the other day and found I was hardly puffed!

You wouldn't think that exercising for 20minutes every second day could make much of a difference, but it seems that it isn't the quantity but the quality of the exercise that you do.

It's important to set goals, push yourself, and enjoy the fact that you are slowly improving your fitness. Pick exercises that you think you should be able to do... and then push yourself to do them properly, and finish more and more repetitions whenever you repeat a previous exercise.

Write down your achievements, create a logbook. Monitor how much you are improving. Use this to motivate yourself.

Enjoy the exercise for what it is. Don't focus on weight loss... in fact i think i've put on about 1kg... but i can reassure myself that this is muscle. Exercise because you want to exercise, to become fit and be able to do the exercises properly, and faster and stronger....

I don't know what my end goal is at the moment. I'm simply enjoying the fact that I feel fitter than I have felt in years!... and each day I achieve more than I did the previous week.

Let's see how long I can keep up with this exercise routine!