So here is my first food diary entry -

Last night's dinner...
Red rice mixed with white basmati, a carrot salad and a potato and silverbeet curry.
Unfortunately the silverbeet leaves were a little too mature! Made them quite fibrous, and required a lot of munching! But on the positive side... that will do wonders for our fibre intake :-)
Note to self.... must remember to choose younger looking silverbeet leaves next time.
Both these are very simple dishes really...
The carrot salad was simply grated carrot with fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper.
The potato and silverbeet is a variation of the potato curry but let the curry simmer until the gravy is almost all evaporated, and the potatoes are just breaking up... at this stage add some roughly chopped up silverbeet leaves. You can add the stems first, chopped up more finely, or if you don't mind stems so much then add them all in together. Stir the leaves into the curry, and take off the heat as soon as the leaves are wilted. Voila! That's all there is to it.