We all know that omega 3 is good for you... mainly to improve your cardiovascular health, but also with neurological benefits.

But how to get the same benefits from vegetarian/vegan sources??
Most studies are performed on fish oil supplements... so in theory we need to try and match this.
The best vegetarian/vegan source at present looks like oil from microalgae.

I've started to research this a little... so stay tuned for more information... and see my health information page for a list of websites with relevant information and online stores.

I've just purchased some Opti 3 which has 200mg EPA, 400mg DHA per 2 capsule daily dose.

Fish oil tends to have high levels of both EPA and DHA ... therefore we need vegetarian supplements with both to match the supplements used in the studies/trials which have shown benefits.

I'll post a complete article once I've had enough time to research this more thoroughly.