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My Favourite Vegetarian Cooking Books

The World Vegetarian Cookbook, Jillian Stewart & Joseph F Ryan (Eds), 1999 Quadrillion Publishing.

This is my favourite cookbook. It presents a selection of beautiful recipes from around the world. I may not have tried every recipe yet, but every recipe that I've tried so far in this book always turns out deliciously! Easy to follow instructions and beautiful pictures.

Homestyle Vegetarian, 2008 Murdoch Books

This book presents a huge range of quite simple recipes, from Asian to Italian. Beautiful pictures, with one recipe per page. It also provides recipes for some of those essential basics, such as pestos, oils and even hollandaise sauce.

The Vegetarian Book, Charmaine Solomon1998 New Holland Publishers

This may be one of Charmaine Solomon's simplest books, it provides more recipes than you would expect, as the book is less than a centimetre thick; however the pages are larger than letter size. In usual Charmaine Solomon style, the recipes are from a range of Asian countries - Chinese, Thai, Indian, Sri Lankan.

Madhur Jaffrey's World of the East Vegetarian Cooking, Madhur Jaffrey 1981 Alfred A. Knopf Inc.

A thick bible of a book, with recipes from all over Asia. This book not only provides recipes, but also provides tips and techniques for many different Asian dishes. It is filled with recipes, and only a minimum of line drawing illustrations, which can be confronting... but don't let that overwhelm you, it is definitely a worthwhile book.

 The Mortar and Pestle

The mortar and pestle is ubiquitous. Variations of the mortar and pestle are used throughout the world. The stone, granite, mortar and pestle is the most common, but there are also wooden and even metal varieties.

I have a small mortar and pestle in which I regularly grind together spices, garlic and ginger; and a larger mortar and pestle for preparing dishes such as sambals.

The mortar and pestle is better than a grinder for many dishes. Allowing you to crush and grind ingredients together so that you release more flavour.

 The flat-bed sandwich toaster/press

I find this toaster invaluable for quick meals. Of course you can use it for toasted sandwiches but there are so many other things you can use it for.

It makes it quick and easy to make many dishes which usually require you to stand around -for example the quesadilla, or the coconut roti. 

Using a flat-bed sandwich press, you can do other things in the kitchen while your food is toasting... because you know both sides will be toasted evenly... you don't have to flip it at the right moment.

You can even use it to make pancakes... and I think the next time I make a Korean omelette I will try with this in the hope of achieving a rectangle!

My flat-bed sandwich toaster has been heavily used in the last few months, recently I have been using it to make -
  • quick pizzas on flat bread
  • "grilled" eggplant
  • "grilled" haloumi
here you see grilled eggplant, sprinkled with a seed and chilli mix, served with rice and a ridged gourd curry. :-) yum!

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