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 Dried Fruit

Dried apricots

130g serving size
313 calories
1g fat
81g carbohydrate
9g fibre ; 69g sugars; 4g protein
94%vitamin A, 2% vitamin C; 7% calcium; 19% iron
in 30g 1mg protein, 1.3mg iron

Dried Figs

Dried Raisins

 Seeds and Nuts

Sunflower seeds

30g serving
6.5 mg protein; 2mg iron

30g serving
6mg protein; 1mg iron

30g serving
5mg protein; 1.5mg iron

30g serving
7.5mg protein; 0.5mg iron


The seaweed you often find in your miso soup, is extremely nutritious.

Average values per 100 g:

Proteins: 22,7%, Fats: 1,5%, Carbohydrates: 46,8%, Fibre: 35,3%, Potassium: 6810 mg, Calcium: 1380 mg, Magnesium: 680 mg, Phosphorous: 235 mg, Iron: 20 mg, Iodine: 22,6 mg, Vitamin A.: 0,04 mg, Vitamin B12: 0,36 mg, Vitamin C: 5,29 m

can be eaten in dried form, or re-hydrate and eat it in a soup or salad.

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